Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Midnight Updates

Salam midnight to all! =)

i don't really have a specific topic to type about tonight.. just feeling over exited and a bit nervous, coz i just noticed that another 37 days i'll be getting married to a man name MOHAMMAD HAFIZ.

Time is moving so quickly without you even noticing it. how weird right? coz i remembered that on the previous entry i wrote about 79 days more to go. that wasn't too long ago... sekelip mata je dah 37.. then it'll be 20, 10.. then 1 day. oh my god...

about the preparations.. everything quite ready i guess.. maybe on teeny little things yang belum completely settled lagi.. bedroom decorations, cadar + new curtains.. and what else.. that's a bout it that i can think of for now..

cards dah recieved. akan diedarkan abut 2 weeks before the event.. baju belum fitting lagi... takot nanti nk dekat event, gemok tibe2, dah susah.. jadi nanti2 lah pg fitting... photographer dah settle.. oh is it too late to look for a videographer? ade x yang murah2? let me know ok people.

my house pula dah finishing part..tnggal nak touch up balik cat2 semua.. and the studio need to be painted too.. purple of course! dark n light puprle for the studio... cewah.. =D

CT catering punye crew akan dtg lihat2 sekitar rumah maybe dlm next week...

oh yeah!! bought the curtains already!!! beli dkt nilai last sunday... ade 4 keping.. 1 jarang kat luar with yang tebal punye kaen... and same goes for the master bedroom.. that abes 1k dkt situ... so bilik2 laen gune surat khabar je la! ahaha..jimat... bak kate en. Hafiz.. hehe..

no no..kidding..kang takot plak korang nk dtg rumah ai kan! maybe letak blinds je for now.. nanti2 ade savings lebeih boleh tambah curtains..

i'm trying to save up some money for my honeymoon trip! ticket belum dibook..sebab passport belum dibuat!! harus buat secepat munkin.. planning to go to KRABI, THAILAND. budget aroung 3k including all!! makan, flight, hotel.. and we're planning to stay for 7 days 6 nights. cukup kan seminggu?? hahaha!!

hurm what else nak update tgh2 malam buta ni? oh oh duet lagi utk spa!!

spa yang direcommendkan oleh Amy ialan serenity spa... bridal pakej tgh promotion from 800++ and now jadi only rm400. haishh still mahal.. haha..

if anyone out there ade spa2 yang patut direcommendkan..sile la drop by on the comments ye.. nak gak tau..

p/s: sebenarnye saye ni x penah manje2kan diri dkt spa nih.. this is gonna be my first time!! =)


SugarSpices said... excited read ur a gurl..that's our dream rite?...and when it becomes true...we'll feel soo happy and excited..neway, i hope u happy always..muahh

Love Says it All~ said...

sugarspices| yes dear.. true... as gurls.. we dream abt our wedding day since young.. since small.. since a kid... we dream to be a princess.. wearing beautiful clothes... having beautiful face.. barbie used be my idol.. hehe.. =) long wavy hair... pretty face.. having a prince charming as long term partner.. =) and i think.. i'm achieving my dream.. veryyy soon... =)

LaLaLovy said...

hye! i am your new follower~
Selamat pengantin baru yeah!

Love Says it All~ said...

Lalalovy| hi dear.. thankss! will follow u back! =D

aytozee said...

hi ER,

we were both a BTB!
congratulations to us!

tapi u akan langsung dulu,

i click on ur blog thru an email u send me (mungkin sbb u nampak i tanye some mekap artis for 1may kat page derg kut? hehe thnks!).

kalau nak share utk part body setakat ni i dah penah pergi MAWAR BEAUTY SPA, bakal pergi serenity spa and cinta sari tradispa.

Untuk Rambut i pernah buat hair treatment kat SALINA'Z BEAUTY-dis girl nama FIENA blow rambut best.Kekal lama gak.

Serenity spa banyak review kate bagus, cinta sari tradi spa memang best sgt! hehe

Tryla Beautiful Bride Ratu Maya@Cinta Sari.RM350.i pun nak try yg ni ;)

Love Says it All~ said...

aytozee| wow! thanks for your lovely comment! =D yup getting ready for my own wedding! hehe.. congrats to you also! oh me and my mom are planning to go to serenity spa in shah alam.. maybe around this week.. =)
anyway, thanks again for your comment!