Tuesday, November 24, 2009

79 More Days To Go

according to what i can see at the countdown above, it says another 79 days for me & him to be one..

sometimes, i get this uneasy feeling in my tummy, why is that?
sometimes i talk to myself, i think abt it before i close my eyes to sleep,
i think about it when i wake up in the morning,

for all bride to be out there, this kinda feelings that we sometimes have, that sometimes crossed in our minds.. is it normal? or does it show that we're not ready for all this?

Am i ready to be someone's wife? oh god, now that i think about it, i get that nervous feeling again...

but to tell you the truth, my dear.. i am... i'm ready to be yours legally..
i'm ready for the commitment hat i'll be having to think about very soon..

eventhough we argue a lot now a days, about what color of wedding cards we're gonna choose, what kinds of sofa that you like which i dislike, what kind of curtain u'd prefer...those kinda things..

now that i think abt it, it's funny. if only we can see ourselves argue..
yes, it's the hardest feelings sometimes, but at times we're going through all this, time will make us more mature in making wise decisions.

please bare with us, bare with me, bare with the situaion,we'll face our happiness very soon.

i love you hafiz. Thanks for being my friend that i can only trust, and rely on, my lover that i can love and be loved, my fiance that guides me through thick and thin.. and soon to be my husband i can look up to in whatever i do, i never regret in anything and everything i've been through with you..

be with me... for all your life, i will take good care of you.......



i love u too sayang... :)

bout the furniture, sorry la papa kelam kabut sket..coz ive so many things to be done in a short time

however, nanti kite pegi cari lg k...papa prefer kilang perabot terus, so that harga pon harga kilang :P

n btw, i was thinking bout an all white dining table, kayu nyatoh i think..its not all black like we ought to choose, but i think it can give contrast to our wall( our wall is dark)

the table is around rm1650 jek..bule diskaun lagi kot :) favorite furniture!!!! tapi tah laaa!!!! apartment kite 1100 square feet, taaapiiii, die besar bahagian bilik jek!!! (kilang buat baby)...bahagian ruang tamu tak besar sangat!!!!!! 8-9 kaki je ruang utk sofa!!!! sooooooooooo...kite kne bli sofa L yang kemek sket la :((

n im surveying tv now..abah said he has a membership which will allow us to buy LG LCD 32 inch at rm1100 jek! (usual price is rm1500)..taapiiiiiii, dont u think 32 inch kecik? but nvm la..bule jimat sket kat situ, coz 42 inch paling murah dlm rm3500 kot! jauh beza :P

about the color of the house pulaaakkk... adoi ni part yang pening ni...i love black n red! taaapiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ emm err uhh ehh ugh! ok la black n red kat ruang tamu. dining kaler ape eh? mintak la suggestion sape2 yg tak pandai, pa reti ngecat jek...

n bout d wedding day, mama rasa tak sedap perut ke? nak teberak? period pain? mkn pil chikitekaun syg!!! hehe gurau jekkkk! rilek la sayang!!!!!! dont worry, we prepared almost everything! (the tok kadi documentation il do it next monday at 10am, did an appointment with ustaz zainal abidin)

ok la nak berak, bye bye sayangku!!!!

~Love Says It All~ said...

sayang|Awwww!!! tu komen kah ataupun essay? haha sgt panjang!

well baby... about the furniture, i don't know. probably can't say a word about it that much.. hehe.. but i think dining table cost that much? quite expensive don't u think?

but if you say so.. then ok =) about the all white for dining, it's gonna get a bit dirty, but i think i'll try to manage it.. lagipon nanti kite je makan kan.. ye lah, org dtg bukan selalu right? so you want dark color for dining area's wall? (something's wrong with my grammar here though, oh well).. hurm, i think the color, is important, we have to decide on what color of the wall first, then think about the color of the furniture..

so if you want the dining set to be all white, we should make erm.. how bout brownish color at the dining? err.. maybe not.. erm... what about reddish + creamish a bit..

soo then for living room, i thought you want to do brownish + and put the wallpaper that has bricks patterns on it. like "cili merah" style. except theirs are real bricks. hehe.. i think that will look pretty for our living room..

did you the picture i've emailed you? the picture of the simple living room design? it's ok if like that.. we can get smaller sofa.. then we'l design it... and maybe we can put the living room at the place we're thinking to put the dining sets.. (which is the bigger area.. but jauh dr tingkap sket. what i think it's still ok..

sebab meja makan tak perlukan ruang yang besar. for bed room, i really love greyish color.. it just looks sexy. dunnow why... it's ok.. when we have time, we'll go look around ok baby?

about the TV, is it THAT important? wow u really can't love without tv right? hehe.. 32inch is fine for me.. plus doesn't matter coz it's lcd. so it's flat and its got cool design to it. hehe.. so ok with that..

well i get butterflies cuz .. i dunnow.. i'm the first and the only girl in the family right? soo it's kinda sad to go away a bit far from my family... hehe.. and kinda nervous to face what will happen later.. but as long as you can guide me.. i think i'll be alright..


SejarahCintaMastura said...

hehehee... so romantic of you... congrate for to be as a wife soon.. :DD