Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can't Wait!!!

hey everyone!!!
it's been a while since i updated this blog. yup the last entry was messed up. felt a bit emotional that time. no specific reason. anyway..

it's been a busy week for me this week. tiring~
planning to go shopping with my aunt and grandma tomorrow, but don't think so i can make it though. personal reason. sorry ladies..


Hafiz sent me email with pictures of our house.looking like a mess!! why is that?? b'coz it's under process of getting the plaster ceiling done. cool eh? plaster ceiling okeh! cam dah bertahun kawen! ahaha! this is totally not my idea. it's him. i just agreed to it.. cuz i do want our house to look love at the end of all this!

the living room part is almost done. and others are still not close to being done. lambatnye!
planning to do this coming up makeup class (9/1/10) at EYRA RIZAL STUDIO which will be at my house. but, it all depends on the house. can't promise you thati'll be done on time! let's just wait!

anyway, enjoy the pictures people!

**pictures taken by: Mohammad Hafiz using his phone. a little bit blurry!

starting off with the handsome fella! whoaaa!!!! fewiiitttt!!!!

check out those muscles!! =D

ni gambar kabinet dapo.. top cabinet x siap lagik... and gambar tingkap dipecah kan. utk wat tingkap sliding yang tinted. supaya org tidak mengintai saya semasa memasak! ceh eyra..! =P

thanks sayang for the pictures. kena belajar amek gambar lagi nih! haha! ailebiu~
okey dah! bye2!!

oh oh terlupe!! ade sape2 tau tak mane nak carik curtain yang simple but murah.. nak modern/retro design?? let me knowwww!!! mahu mencari curtain!!

ok bye~

Friday, December 25, 2009


I'm sad. extremely sad................

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan BIRTHDAY?

Birthday means a day in which any person is born. ok cukup utk intro. search kat google ye..
Eyra Rizal di lahirkan pada 22 December 1987, pada waktu tgh malam iaitu 12:20am. Diberi nama hasil gabungan ibu bapa & nenek, Norshahira, short and meaningful. senang nama pendek2 nik, nak guris kertas jawapan pon senang. nak mintak pinjaman ptptn pon senang. anyway, back to the point.

Norshahira bermaksud : Cahaya yang Masyur. as in The famous light bile ditranslatekan ke English. Beautiful meaning~

I was born as the first child in the family, and also the ONLY girl. YEAH!!! di lahirkan di Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur.
dibesarkan di merata2 tempat!. been travelling alot!


this year's birthday kurang meriah, ye la kan dah tua2 cam ni, xde sape nak layan. no bithday parties, no celebrations memandangkan duit masing2 dah habis for the wedding preparations.

but i'm still thankful for those who remembers. to some people birthday means nothing to them, but to me, it means a lot. appreciate those who wished me!!

thanks to my parents! ayah tak ade.. ayah kat ipoh, and he'll be there till thursday. but still, he called me, and sang to me with a funny voice that he always made when he's a little shy. hehe! thanks ayah!!! i'm still your babygurl!! ='(

to my mom, UMI.. you're everything.. without you around, i won't be in this world. i love you sooo much!! umi actually cam to my room with a cake and they (umi & adik2) sang a me a happy birthday song.. and then we all start makan cake terus tgh2 mlm buta. but umi makan paling byk, siap tambah! hahaha!

and to my fiance, Hafiz.. sayang, thanks a lot for the wish.. it's ok you cant give me a pwesent now.. uve given me a lot already! i understand, duit dah byk habis, dekat wedding, dekat rumah, furnitures and all. kite gak yang nak stay situ kan. that's a present for me. beautiful house, with beautiful husband! =) insyallah.

and to Mak (my grandma), cik ani (my auntie), thanks for the wish! Mak called me, die pon nyanyi! ha! grandma korang bleh buat mcm tu ke?? ahaha! she's a wonderful ladyy, my grandma! hot and beautiful grandma i have here!

to my brothers. yeah you brat! thanks anyway! walaupun tumpang cake umi! ahaha. but abgah wasn't around. he texted me though. thanks to him & his gf!

and to all my friends, peeps,peers, FANS. cewah ade plak fans ko eyra! ingt artist kah? ahah!
thanks to all!!

presents from family:
UMi & AYAH = smart tag. (yup i wanted that! since asek byk travel, and kene pinjam je keje, now i have my own!) x payah beratur inline nak byr tol!

MAK= crystals set ( necklace+bracelet+ring) love it! cantik sangat!!

CIK ANI= makeups. (soon to get!) jom cik ani, gi shopping!!!

my wishlish ( utk sesiapa yang nk bagi hadiah, i want these!!) demand kan kan kan? =P

- handphone baru, preferably sony ericsson flip, purple
- digital camera / dslr in purple. ade ke??
- more MAC makeup
- vacation trip. honeymoon?? hurm. have to wait for this.
- ade byk lagi nak. tapi tibe2 x ingt. ok2. cukup sampai di sini. bye2!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Painted!

whoaaa!!! i have been extremely busy! cewah ckp mcm busy gile.. but actually..mmg busy..
2 days ago, i stopped by my new crib, to check out what's done & what's not.. and i've noticed that Afiz has already painted the house..

check out the pixies!!

location: bilik tengah
paint color: brownish i think.. ade a bit with greenish undertone..

Location: lorong ke bilik2
paint color: pinkish! hahahaha en Hafiz pilih ye.. nak matchingkan ngn merah.. but sgt sweet colornye!

another gambar of bilik tgh..

location: master bedroom
paint color: dark + light grey

wahhhh sangat lah suke dgn yang ini!!

eh! hi sayang! awwww muke penat! =P

ni gambar cabinet dapo in process.

ok dah bye~

Thursday, December 10, 2009

CONT: Half Done

i don't feel like typing that much.. tengok je lah ye gambar2.. gile pemalas!

okey..sementara menunggu gambar2 untuk load.. (punye la lambat).. i ade satu soalan la utk korang2 semua.. kalau rase nak jawab, go ahead.. kalau rase tak nak jawab pon.. tlg la jawab gak.. haha

i need to know... what color of wall which suits red furniture for master bedroom? any ideas?

my pick is brown.. copper brown/dark brown... greyish dah buat dekat living room.. so tak nak same kan..
kene cat secepat mungkin..coz katil akan arive this 19th.. so by the time katil and wardrobe sampai.. En Hafiz nak siapkan cat bilik...

hurm~ dah habis type pon tak habes2 load lagi gambar2 ni.!

ok.. here we go..

this is dapur... rumah ni dining besar.. but dapur comel2 je.. i jadi malas nak masak! haha! =P sayang, you je lah masak ye nanti... oh En Hafiz i pandai masak tau! dulu die selalu masak2 kan utk i.. ok, anyway.. lari topik kejap..

this is dining area... soo jangan terkejut la if korang dtg umah i.. bukak2 pintu tibe nampak meja makan.. dah memamg contractor tu buat cam tu..pening pikir nak design macam mana... haha

this is my room! which is ..master bedroom.. sbelah kanan tu ade toilet.. i ter"cut" pintu lak.. if nak tgk dekat-dekat, come join us mengecat!

ini hall yang menuju ke bilik2 yang laen... straight tu toilet...

this is a picture of a second room in this house.... which will be a guest's room..

this is the 3rd room, which will be my mini makeup studio! what i like about this apartment is that the 3rd room, is the same size as the 2nd room.. =)

ini gambar toilet belakang.. i think toilet last and toilet yang bilik 2nd tu lebih kurang.. i lupa nak snap picture toilet master bedroom.. besar sikit...

di sebalik tabir.. hahah muke penat! blk keje terus ngecat.. baju pon x tukar2 lagi.. isk3... ailebiu!!! hahaha

ok bye.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Half Done

hurm! see that! striking red for living room! and the sofa will be in greyISH color..
ouh.. Hafiz is working really hard on painting up the walls. for living room, dining area + master bedroom, cuz the beds, sofa, wardrobe will be arriving in 19th December!

ni budget2 korang ye kpd sape2 yang mahu membeli perabot-perabot rumah:
(barang-barang yang dah dibeli)

sofa: 1.6k
bed frame: 1.6k
wordrobe: 1.8k
dining set : rm999
kitchen cabinet: 3k onwards(still on discuss)
sink: rm160 onwards

dah tibe-tibe lupe lagi ape yang dah beli... be continued......

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Bedroom =)

The title was suppose to be 'MY BED' cuz i'm gonna talk about my bed. not bedroom!



couple of days ago, when i was chatting my hafiz, through YM, he sent me this one piture of a bed that i fell in love with! it's kinda crazy for some people, but i love it! love love it!! cuz it's red!!

yeah, my house will be in RED + BLACK theme!! kinda cool rite?
here's the picture:

the first picture is the picture that hafiz sent me via email. it's really hard to read what he typed in. (edited using PAINT) haha!

and the sedond picture is the picture of our bed! i love the japanese flatform, and it's red!!! it costs around RM1600 excluding the mattress.

ouh and yesterday, he told that they're selling a red wardrobe to match out the bed!! and guess what! the wardrobe costs even more that the bed!! how could they!! (RM1800)

oh well, i think we're getting that one..

the wall for our bedroom will be greyish color + black+sliverish wallpaper design, that's probably will be put on the wall where our bed will be..

and the bed will arrive very soon! 15th december!! can't wait!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CONT: Eyra & Hafiz Home Deco Ideas

I dah janji nak update pasal sofa kan? but before tu i nak updat pasal cabinet dapur. yesterday afiz pegi usha tempat2 yang buat cabinet dapur. and he told me that he was interested in this one design (aluminium kitchen cabinet). when i think about aluminium, automatically my head will think about zink, tin, & anything yang sewaktu dengannya.

but he sent me couple of pictures last night, and to tell you the truth, it is not that bad as i thought. actually not bad at all.

range price for this cabinet is around 3k onwards.

the price is quite reasonable..

here's you go, here's the pictures :

quite okay right? ye la, apartment dapurnye comel-comel aje.. so we don't need that big'O' design..

ok, back to the topic.


for sofa, i dengan afiz suke L shape. we prefer L shape sebab nampak modern, and simple. like i said apartment, we don't have that big of area of living room, so tak nak ambil sofa yang besar2. it'll make the house extra crowded.

i would love to own something like this..


79 More Days To Go

according to what i can see at the countdown above, it says another 79 days for me & him to be one..

sometimes, i get this uneasy feeling in my tummy, why is that?
sometimes i talk to myself, i think abt it before i close my eyes to sleep,
i think about it when i wake up in the morning,

for all bride to be out there, this kinda feelings that we sometimes have, that sometimes crossed in our minds.. is it normal? or does it show that we're not ready for all this?

Am i ready to be someone's wife? oh god, now that i think about it, i get that nervous feeling again...

but to tell you the truth, my dear.. i am... i'm ready to be yours legally..
i'm ready for the commitment hat i'll be having to think about very soon..

eventhough we argue a lot now a days, about what color of wedding cards we're gonna choose, what kinds of sofa that you like which i dislike, what kind of curtain u'd prefer...those kinda things..

now that i think abt it, it's funny. if only we can see ourselves argue..
yes, it's the hardest feelings sometimes, but at times we're going through all this, time will make us more mature in making wise decisions.

please bare with us, bare with me, bare with the situaion,we'll face our happiness very soon.

i love you hafiz. Thanks for being my friend that i can only trust, and rely on, my lover that i can love and be loved, my fiance that guides me through thick and thin.. and soon to be my husband i can look up to in whatever i do, i never regret in anything and everything i've been through with you..

be with me... for all your life, i will take good care of you.......

Eyra & Hafiz Home Deco Ideas

Hi everybody.. =)
fuh! tiring weekends for me.. sabtu went to buy more items for hantaran, ahad lak makeup for maybank group (dinner) total of 8 people, and I had to makeup 5 people! the other 3, i passed kat amy. hari ni je baru dapat tido lama! bangun dah, boleh sambung balik tido. then terjage lagi sebab bakal ibu mertua ku call. so sebelum angkat kene buat 'ehem2.." bersih-bersihkan tekak so, xkedengaran yang baru bangun. haha!

anyway, tajuk entry kali is home deco ideas.

yup! semua orang ada perancangan masing2 betul? ade suke yang modern, yang english style, yang retro, dan macam2 lagi la..
well then obviously I & hafiz ada juga perancangan. and trust me we both ade taste yang berlainan (it depends on what specifically)

first : DAPUR

I personally suke warna gelap for dapur and actually the whole house. not gelap as in GELAP, but as in dim, mcm malap2/samar2 sikit. it's so romantic that way! i don't know why..

lagi2 for dapur, kena cari cabinet & dining sets yang gelap, coz nanti x xepat kotor, kene la I yang malas mengelap selalu. jarang2 pon agak malas. ade jumpe dkt kawasan sek 9 shah alam, dining set for 6 RM799, after sale. agak murah, design not bad. but sadly, hafiz aka en tunang x berpuas hati that much lagi. we live it at that then..

I memang ak suke kayu2/any wooden items. if benda tu kayu, but disalut oleh benda lain, then it's fine for me. i tak suke die nampak sangat kayu! ok2.. dah eyra..

these are the pictures credited to mr google of the sets of dining i'd love to own..

and these for kitchen cabinets. something like this i'd always have in my mind. =)

i love the simplicity of the second picture. It has very simple design yet elegant! ughh love the dark combination of colors!

for living room, i'd prefer it to be in retro/modern style. a simple L shape sofa will do, with a designed lamp at the corner of the sofa & with TV placed on the wall painted greyish plus a couple roles of wallpaper. AMAZING!

okey! IF only im THAT rich, i'll do it NOW!

for living room & bedroom will update later! wait for the next entry!! =)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Eyra Rizal Touch Has been registered successfully. Alhamdulillah! =). 1 more level is up, 20000000000 more to go. hahaha..

licensed number pon dah dpt. so, now Eyra Rizal Touch is official..
book la daku dgn segera.!

oh tak lupa juga, utk kelas makeup akan dtg, visit my OFFICIAL MAKEUP WEBSITE for more details.

6th December 2009- seri kembangan selangor
JANUARY - Terengganu & kelantan


mintak maap ler ye.. kepada pengikut2.. haha.. agak busy la utk update2 ni.. busy dgn makeup, busy dgn wedding preparation. busy dgn hidup. haha
anyway... barang hantaran for him and her sudah di update..
for barangt kemas/ emas, my family suggested that i patot beli gelang and rantai. since cincin dah ade 2 (merisik & tunang). but dlmhati i la kan.. dok pk2.. ( hurmm romantik ke nanti nak sarungkan gelang.. but better than rantai.. if rantai kene bukak2 tudung)

well.. nak wat cm ne.. i like gelang too.. and also rantai. thanks sayang! =)
design sgt simple... kire design kosong, x abes zaman la katekan.. but i like simple things daripada bercorak and berbunge2 gitu. cuma nanti nak tambah loceng je.. hehe so bile berjalan, and bunyi "kecing kecing kecing" haa eyra la tu! hahaha.

untuk pengetahuan anda semua la ye... brg emas dah naek mendadak sgT!!! dulu tgk rm122/gram.. time nak beli tu rm134/gram! terkejut laa kami! lagi terkejut encik tunang. so kepada sesiapa yang belum membeli belah barang emas lagi.. silalah beli secepat mungkin.. takot nnti tibe-tibe sampai rm200/gram lak! haish saket pale!

baju melayu utk lelaki pon sudah di tempah. tema i ngan en afiz pilih adalah merah. utk pakai raya thn depan! hehehe... merah menyala ok.! before ni belum pernah pakai merah for raya.
and the samping is still on the way utk membeli..

for seluar and kemeja, i bought him levi's. since die dah byk sgt seluar slack utk kerja, jadi i belikan die codroy (however u spell it) plus funky tees. hehe.. kemeja la tu.., but ade design2 sikit. anyways he loved it.

kad kahwin is still under planning on which one to take.. i nak purple.. since my tema is purple.. but he wants black and silver utk ikut tema die.. how??? nak buat asing2 malas laa!

anyway.. i don't want to spend that much money on wedding cards. org akan campak je merata2. no use. lagi best if invite through e-cards/sms. haha gile kedekut.

ok lah, until we meet again.
p/s : kepada sesiapa yang nk book saya for your wedding day, pls do it quickly. as there won't be any last minute. coz last minute nanti book.. especially time cuti2 sekolah ni..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 Cara Untuk Hilangkan Rasa Gementar Semasa Akad Nikah

Semua orang tau yang BERKAHWIN ini bukanlah perkara senang. It's a huge thing to do.. if kite tersalah langkah, (terburu-buru) we might make the biggest mistake of our lives dgn berkahwin ketika usia2 muda...

Dalam suasana meriah dan ceria kadangkala menyebabkan bakal pengantin (bride & groom) menjadi gementar atau nervous apabila mengharungi detik-detik bersejarah ini..

Lafaz akad adalah apa yang dinanti2kan oleh semua pihak, keluarga (sebelah lelaki & perempuan), para tetamu, kawan-kawan dan ramai lagi... disebabkan semua pihak yang dtg terlalu fokus dgn lafaz yang pengantin lelaki akan ucapkan, ia akan menimbulkan perasaan yang saaaaangat tak sedap/tak selesa. ini akan membuat pengantin menjadi pening, sakit jantung tibe2, dan tersasul.

Perkara2 ini akan membuat pengantin lelaki dan juga perempuan merasa rendah diri dan juga malu..
jadi.. sebelum lalui detik-detik untuk melafazkan hasrat di hari bersejerah, pengantin lelaki perlulah :


-pengantin lelaki itu haruslah merasa yakin dengan dirinya sendiri dan juga dengan pilihan hatinya untuk berkahwin dgn si pengantin perempuan ini. so pada siapa yang kawin terpakse tu mungkin agak susah la nk merasa yakin kot.


-hilangkan perasaan negatif dalam diri. walaupun pengantin lelaki itu tahu yang ramai yang tgh fokus dkt die. ( kene ignore je... pikif diri tu nak kawin je and nak hidup bahagia)


-semestinya kene bersedia.. sebelum hari nk akad, practice ckp dgn diri sendiri... baca ape2 yang patut takot nanti kena soal depan org ramai.


- yang ni macam bersedia jugak. practice, practice dan practice!!

- sbg suami & bakal ayah kene ade lah tanggungjawab dalam diri utk tahu mcm2 benda.. jadi kene rajin2 kan diri utk bertanya benda2 yang masih was-was dalam fikiran..

jadiii utk pengantin perempuan.. kita sbg bakal isteri kena byk support si suami... belajar dgn dia tentang tanggungjwb.. sama2 kene yakinkan diri masing.. nescaya, kita akan bahagia. insyallah. =)

p/s: waaarrrggghhh takot!!! hahaha!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tips Untuk Tampil Cantik & Menawan di Hari Bahagia Anda

cewah.. tajuk macam pro je kan, nak bagi2 tips kat org. haha.. saje je nk kongsi dgn semua bride to be.. yes.. time2 skrg la nk nervous semua x settle... nervous tu nervous gak, tp yang penting bile hari yang dinanti2 kan tu tibe, kene la ready, kene cantik,tenang.. dan ready tu bukan saje dr segi fizikal, tp x lupa juga dr segi mental..

yes, getting married is not an easy thing, nor a simple thing for a woman to do. same goes to men actually.. especially kite gurls/women, to us wedding ni saaaaaaaaaangat huge! betul x gurls? kite akan berangan pasal this big day dr kecil lagi... teringin nak jadi princess, playing around with our mummy's makeups utk nampak cantik.. padahal dulu letak liptip kat gigi. hee~~ ok back to the point... bile dah berangan2 dr kecik, menari2 pakai gown and makeup dpn cermin, pegang2 bunge... mestila kite nak everything perfect when the day comes right? at least near to perfect...

soo kat sini nak kongsi ngn anda semua ye.. ( intro punye la panjang!)

1) bende 1st yang penting mesti baju + makeup (for me la)
- kene la prepare dari awal.. x kisah la if kawin tahun dpn pon (walaupun bulan 2 is 3 months away!!) kene cari baju yang mmg puas ati, and mmg tak ade regret la if dlm 5 thn lps kawin tgk balik gmbar make sure ckp " cantik aku time kawin dulu" hehe..
-makeup also the most important thing in someone's wedding... sebab kite nak cantik.. nak palinggg cantik di hari bahagia..nama pon hari bahagia kan.. if buruk, x bahagia lah jwbnye... so make sure dah bincang elok2 dgn makeup artist pilihan anda... nak style tudung/rambut mcm mana, eyeshadow sesuai kaler ape dkt mate.. nk match dgn contact lens lagi.. dan sebagainya...make appointment dgn makeup artist tu tuk sesi trial if you're no convinced with her/his works... if ok, then yang tu dah settle...

2) utk mengurangkan stress dlm diri kite yang sometimes mmg sentiase stress dan akan meng-stresskan encik tunang anda... kite kenalah plan, and prepare thing that we have planned. huh! kelam kabut dah ayat2 ku ni.. sila abaikan... soo back to the topik... hantaran kene list kan.. dan luangkan mase sehari dua utk habiskan beli2 barang soo then boleh start design (bg sesiapa yang gubahkan hantaran sendiri) dah sape yang nk suruh org gubahkan pon kene cepat.. ye lah kan... bukan hantaran kite je org tu nk fikir2... byk lagi bende yang die kene buat. if buat kelam kabut.. hantaran jadi x memuaskan..mulut kite jugak yang bising kat org tu... soo itu dah menambahkan stress di jiwa dan raga..

3)settlekan list2 to do .. for example: jumpe tok kadi dan sebagainya...

4) beberapa hari sebelum wedding ( a week/ less) kene la pegi jumpe beautician/spa for facial and body treatment... ini adalah untuk menaikkan lagi seri muka yang dah cukup berseri ( hahah gile perasan). supaya kite la yang akan jadi org paling standout di hari bahagia kita, bukanlah pengapit, tetamu, mahupun ibu kite yang sgt bergaya.. nanti org komfius "eh u ke anak u yg kawen".. hahah.. umi jgn marah ye.. gurau aje.. still belanje along kawen kan?? heheh

5) then bile everything yang diplan dah settle, anda haruslah duduk diam.. jgn byk buat kerja... duduk diam, tenangkan fikiran, dah melayan emosi anda yang berperasaan celaru (sedih/happy/nervous/pening) itu.... bile tibe nye hari yang dinantikan itu, insyallah semua akan berjalan dgn lancar...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baju untuk reception

Baju ni 1st pick mase mule2 lagi pg Butik Syahirah ni... tatau la nape aku suke sgt... mungkin sb mmg suke warna pepel. so nak amek baju yang sweet2 je... ade mix2 pepel sikit.. but pelamin semua nk yang striking2 gitu!

baju ni akan dipakai mase kenduri sbelah perempuan.. sebelah lelaki hitam+putih. warna yang dipilih oleh encik tunang sendiri. hehe.. xde gmbar pulak tuk baju yang tu.. jadi kene tnggu hari tu sendiri la utk tgk ye...

aku amek satu set semua baju 3 pasang + 3 kali makeup dr Butik SYahirah tu.. total semua = RM5400.
mahal sunggh.. haha.. but sgt2 puas hati dgn pilihan!!

ye la.. xpe.. this is an execption.. coz y? kite kawen sekali je kan...
dulu mase kecik2 teringin nak pakai gown + rmbut nk curly2 then pakai tiara... tp sejak2 dah pakai tudung ni.. kene la sopan2.. tp it's ok.. baju dr Butik Syahirah ni sgt cantik dan ade tudung yang matching skali.. so x payah susah2 nk carik2 tudung lagi.. membuatkan kite nak pakai tudung!!


Konvoku berlaku pada hari ahad bersamaan 1st nov. tak byk nk dickpkan... nervous tatau nape... takot sgt nk naek ats stage... nk slm2... haha... tp alhamdulillah..everything went fine..

oh dah. bye .. erk

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I Just heard a gud news from my beau yesterday, around ermm not sure what time.. that he just bought a house!!!! oh sgtttt bahagia ok!! ye la... kitorg asyik argue jeee sejak akhir2 ni sb nk pilih rumah masing2 now....

soo.. he decided to buy an apartment, located in Shah Alam, dekat dgn opis katenye... well.. ape lagi.. ikut aje.. die kate... area situ elok utk investment in the future...

soo the 10% downpayment was paid yesterday night.. sgt cpt kan??? baru je tgk, terus byr mlm tu gak! hahaha.. Alhamdulillah....

ni laa gmbar sikit2 yang dpt dr ads ( gambar yg suruh die amek, x sempat battery phone dah kong! hek. mcm2 daa alasan... =P

- ni bahagian living room... agak besar jugak la...-

- ni la kat luar kot.. haha rasenye la...-

-swimming pool dieee!! ni yg bes..nak brenang2 kat situ nnti.. ahaha!-